Time Samplers - Issue 3: Dignity Colony
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About this page

Carmot wasn’t holding a skull at all, just a trash can. We can see that Lex is clearly still recovering from a ride in the WILD Machine. We can also see that Vodnar wasn’t holding an All-Seeing-Eye, but a cellphone. Perhaps the two are related?

Govedo Mall with Alicia Ciana

Having fun with plays on words. Govedo translates to “cattle” in Slovenian and the name “Alicia Ciana” starts and ends with “CIA” which is a nod to the infiltration of the CIA into mainstream media (aka Operation Mockingbird).

About Issue 3: Dignity Colony

About Issue 3: Dignity Colony

Dr. Percival Vodnar recounts the early days of Lex, Cal, and Luna–all mind control victims from a facility in Dignity Colony, Chile. The truth is also revealed about an assault on the global population through public education and water fluoridation calcifying the pineal gland in an elaborate conspiracy by “The Council.”

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Thomas Gorence

Thomas Gorence (writing)

Erik Koconis

Erik Koconis (writing)

Julius Freeman

Julius Freeman (writing)

Nicolás Colacitti

Nicolás Colacitti (artwork)

About Time Samplers

About Time Samplers

A pair of musicians travel through time and investigate conspiracies while fighting back against the illuminati’s hoards of sheeple (sheep/people hybrids).

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