Time Samplers - Issue 2: Disorder of Skull & Bones
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47th Proposition of Euclid

The Pythagorean Theorem, also known as the 47th Problem of Euclid or 3:4:5

“In any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the two sides is equal to the square of the hypotenuse.”

Ugh, math! Am I right? Well, not actually. This seemingly boring formula from high-school algebra is actually much deeper in concept.

47th Proposition of Euclid

Quoting Plutarch:

Now universal Nature, in its utmost and most perfect extent, may be considered as made up of these three things: of Intelligence, of Matter, and of that which is the result of both these, in the Greek language called Kosmos, a word which equally signifies either beauty and order or the world itself.

The first of these is the same with what Plato is wont to call the Idea, the Examplar, and the Father; to the second of them he has given the name of the Mother, the Nurse, and the Place and Receptacle of Generation; and to the latter of them, that of the Offspring, and the Production.

The use of Father/Mother/Offspring are not just for convenience, they too are buried in ancient mysticism.

The perpendicular is designed by them to represent the masculine nature, the base the feminine, and the hypotenuse is to be looked upon as the offspring of both: and accordingly the first of them will aptly enough represent Osiris or the prime cause, the second Isis or receptive power, the last Orus (Horus) or the common effect of the other two.

It always comes back to math though, with Plutarch continuing:

For three is the first number which is composed of both even and odd; and four is a square whose side is equal to the even number two; but five, being generated as it were out of borth the preceding numbers two and three, may be said to have an equal relation to both of them, as to its common parents.

About Issue 2: Disorder of Skull & Bones

About Issue 2: Disorder of Skull & Bones

Lex and Cal travel back in time and break up a Skull & Bones ritual in the Tomb at Yale. Meanwhile, Carmot and Vodnar try to rescue the brothers from the W.I.L.D. Machine. Luna makes a cameo appearance, and Colonel’s plans for her are revealed.

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Thomas Gorence

Thomas Gorence (writing)

Erik Koconis

Erik Koconis (writing)

Julius Freeman

Julius Freeman (writing)

Nicolás Colacitti

Nicolás Colacitti (artwork)

About Time Samplers

About Time Samplers

A pair of musicians travel through time and investigate conspiracies while fighting back against the illuminati’s hoards of sheeple (sheep/people hybrids).

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