Time Samplers - Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island
About this page

About this page

Phrenology & Eugenics

Often brushed over in history class, but a large number of revered scientists, philanthropists and industry tycoons were promoting and funding phrenology (judging someone’s character based on the shape of their skull) and eugenics (selective breeding for humans).

Artificial Somnambulism

Alexander Graham Bell describes a way of using audio waves to put people (and sheeple) into a trance using artificial somnambulism, a fancy word for sleepwalking. He’s working on a precursor to control of humans using electricity and sound waves.

Sheeple Test Subjects

Who better than sheeple to test out the countless devices that Bell and his cronies come up with? They are expendable, easily reproducible and best of all submissive. We can see the unfortunate sheeple at the bottom of this page was previously working as a servant for this room of exclusive members.

About Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island

About Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island

In the debut issue, Lex and Cal take a trip to Jekyll Island circa 1913 – the birthplace of the Federal Reserve. Here they must fight off hordes of sheeple as they uncover the plans of Alexander Graham Bell, JP Morgan, William Rockefeller, and other elites.

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Thomas Gorence

Thomas Gorence (writing)

Erik Koconis

Erik Koconis (writing)

David Pinckney

David Pinckney (writing)

Nicolás Colacitti

Nicolás Colacitti (artwork)

About Time Samplers

About Time Samplers

A pair of musicians travel through time and investigate conspiracies while fighting back against the illuminati’s hoards of sheeple (sheep/people hybrids).

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