Time Samplers - Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island
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Jekyll Island Club

Originally started as a hunting club, JP Morgan was tasked with finding the perfect secluded paradise for himself and other industry leaders to relax and do business away from prying eyes. Ultimately, the group decided on Jekyll Island - a small island off the coast of Georgia.

Historical Importance

Aside from being an exclusive retreat for the richest men in America (and the world), Jekyll Island was also home to a number of important events that have shapes the world since.

First Transcontinental Phone call

In 1915, the very first phone call to span the entire country was made between New York, California, Washington D.C., Boston and Jekyll Island. Individuals on this call included

  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Thomas Watson (assistant to Alexander Graham Bell)
  • President Woodrow Wilson
  • Theodore Vail (president of AT&T)
  • JP Morgan Jr.
  • William Rockefeller

Birthplace of the Federal Reserve

Lesser known, Jekyll Island is also where the concept for the Federal Reserve was designed and discussed by the men who would ultimately fund and impose it on the United States.

About Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island

About Issue 1: Escape from Jekyll Island

In the debut issue, Lex and Cal take a trip to Jekyll Island circa 1913 – the birthplace of the Federal Reserve. Here they must fight off hordes of sheeple as they uncover the plans of Alexander Graham Bell, JP Morgan, William Rockefeller, and other elites.

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Thomas Gorence

Thomas Gorence (writing)

Erik Koconis

Erik Koconis (writing)

David Pinckney

David Pinckney (writing)

Nicolás Colacitti

Nicolás Colacitti (artwork)

About Time Samplers

About Time Samplers

A pair of musicians travel through time and investigate conspiracies while fighting back against the illuminati’s hoards of sheeple (sheep/people hybrids).

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