Apollo Moon Landings

Further Knowledge

Here are some suggested books and films about this topic. Not all of them are easy to obtain, but we've tried to link places to find them.

Kubrick's Odyssey I

Filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner reveals the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick. This famed movie director placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appear to be saying.

Kubrick's Odyssey II

Filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner provides a provocative examination of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. He reveals that the film is actually a work of alchemy initiating the viewer into a higher consciousness and opening the mind and heart to new vistas for the entire human race.

Capricorn One

In order to protect the reputation of the American space program, a team of scientists stages a phony Mars landing. Willingly participating in the deception are a trio of well-meaning astronauts, who become liabilities when their space capsule is reported lost on re-entry. Now, with the help of a crusading reporter, they must battle a sinister conspiracy that will stop at nothing to keep the truth a secret.