Paranoid Pamphlets - 001: MK-ULTRA
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About this page


Project GRILL FLAME is an Army and DIA jointly financed effort to study novel intelligence collection techniques. The fiscal year 1982 ‘justification material states that GRILL FLAME studies will help to identify the capabilities and vulnerabilities associated with paranormal phenomenon having military applications.



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About 001: MK-ULTRA

About 001: MK-ULTRA

As the first booklet in an ongoing series, MK-ULTRA is a perfect introduction to all those interested in horror, science fiction or history. MK-ULTRA was an all-encompassing military project with the sole purpose of finding all the ways that human behavior can be manipulated and controlled against the victim’s will.

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Thomas Gorence

Thomas Gorence (writing)

Travis Williamson

Travis Williamson (pencils, inks, cover)

About Paranoid Pamphlets

About Paranoid Pamphlets

Subversive “informational” pamphlets. Fully illustrated and explaining the details and history of unbelievable topics like Mind Control, Conspiracies and Government Cover-ups.

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