Never A Straight Answer - A11 Work and No Play (Preview)

Never A Straight Answer

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About this series

About this series

The Apollo Space Program resulted in one of the greatest events to shape American culture and humanity as a whole. But what if all the footage was faked? This hilarious one-shot comic illustrates Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landings.

About the first issue

About the first issue

A ridiculously fun one-shot comic showing the impossibly demanding Stanley Kubrick directing a bumbling cast of actors and government stooges, to produce the most influential video ever filmed: The Apollo Moon Landings.

The title for this comic is “A11 Work and No Play”, with ”A11” being an acronym for Apollo 11, the mission which resulted in the famous moon landing footage (which has since been accidentally deleted).


Spencer Loucks

Spencer Loucks (writing)

Matt Young

Matt Young (pencils, inks, colors, cover)

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