Connect the Dots

(Coming Soon!)

About this series

About this series

A class of elementary students go on wild adventures with their quirky teacher and class pet “Dot”, exploring controversial topics through astral projection.

This series is still under development, but coming soon!

About the first issue

About the first issue

Ms. Terri and Dot take the class on a wild trip to the ionosphere and beyond to explore the real facts about modern weather manipulation and weaponization.


Shane O'Shaughnessy

Shane O'Shaughnessy (writing)

Concept Art

Bus Concept
Bus Concept by Lev Cantoral
Class Photo
Class Photo by Lev Cantoral
Ms. Terri's Desk
Ms. Terri's Desk by Lev Cantoral
Ms. Terri Faces
Ms. Terri Faces by Eva
Ms. Terri Poses
Ms. Terri Poses by Lev Cantoral
Ms. Terri
Ms. Terri by Eva
Ms. Terri
Ms. Terri by Eva
Underground Tunnels
Underground Tunnels by Lev Cantoral

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