Website Relaunch

January 22, 2020
Website Relaunch

Paranoid American was founded in 2012, which is when the original website was created as well. Lots has changed since then, and the old website started to show its age (especially on mobile devices). Not just that, but the old website wasn’t easy to update or add new content to.

We’re happy to kick off 2020 with a brand new website which was designed to work seamlessly on devices of just about any size, along with tons of new content. That’s not just a buzz phrase, either. Go check it out! You can now read the first two issues of Secret Mystery School in full, along with SEVEN new titles.

So let’s get to it! Here are some of the new series you can start reading NOW, along with more to come!

Fiction Faction

An ongoing collection of short webcomics in collaboration with The Obscure Gentlemen.

Paranoid Pamphlets

Small black and white comics (printed as pamphlets which are easy to share and read) with the first issue detailing the history of MKULTRA.

Never A Straight Answer (NASA)

A one-shot comic showing how Stanley Kubrick directed the Apollo Moon Landings and hoaxed the famous moon landing footage.

Black Mass Pizza

This one has been in the works for a while! After numerous hurdles, we’re happy to officially announce Black Mass Pizza! A slight departure from the other series that are more based on specific research, with Black Mass Pizza we hope to reach a wider audience of readers. Written by “Doc” Wyatt.

Lee’s Demons

Perhaps the most exciting of all these series is Lee’s Demons (aka “Lee Harvey Oswald: Demon Hunter”). A story about the alleged assassin of JFK with a completely new twist that you’ve never seen before. Steeped in Haitian mysticism and historical research, this is a story about corruption, Vodou, growing up, demonology, falling in love and so much more. Created and written in collaboration with Dream Fury Comics.

Power to the Sheeple

This 4-5 part series, we watch three Sheep-Human hybrids named Lonk, Wick and Lincoln begin to question everything around them and discover a completely new world above. This story has been cooking since 2012 and went through so many changes over the years. Happy to announce that the script for the first issue is complete and begins production later this year!

Connect the Dots

A 48 page children’s book, with the first issue covering different aspects of weather manipulation, from chemtrails to cloud-seeding and beyond. It’s a satirical take on a nostalgic formula showing a class of kids going on wild field trips with their quirky teacher and class pet.

Secret Mystery School and Time Samplers!

If you haven’t been following us on instagram, you might not realize that after a long hiatus, both Time Samplers and Secret Mystery School have new issues in production too. This will be the final issue in the first volume of Time Samplers, and explores various conspiracy theories surrounding the Titanic.

Secret Mystery School’s third issue is in the works and expected to release in 2020 with new artist Mikey Crawford.